Do you think Identity is just for security experts?

Can developers go beyond Authentication?

Are you ‘Team Libraries’ or Team ‘Protocols’?

To find out, join the “Identity for all” hackathon, a codefest targeted for the developer in you.  Submissions start May 24 and go on until June 30. Your mission would be to build your next innovation using the Microsoft identity platform. Leverage one or many Identity feature areas like Managed Identity, Verifiable Credentials, Zero Trust for Apps, External identities, Graph APIs, Workload identity federation, Continuous Access Evaluation, MSAL or any feature set under Authentication and Authorization in any framework, language or cloud of your choice. Feel free to use only these features or blend them with your own APIs or any other APIs. 

Build a solution with a language of your choice, a platform (Web or Mobile or Desktop or Daemon/Service) of your choice on a cloud of your choice. The event runs for more than a month with multiple cash prizes, swags & badges to be won. This is your chance to push the platform beyond its boundaries. 

Here are some examples of cool scenarios you could hack on:

- A secure collaboration platform
- An office utility (App and/or Daemon) to help employees with Hybrid Work
- Digital Twin/IoT Solution to manage Premises/Home/Hospitals
- Improvise Fintech Identity and security practices
- Create a Microservice which sorts/processes your emails
- Vaccine credentials for the world!
- Store Consent alongside PHI/PII
- Master Data Management- correlate single Identity across multiple data systems
- A multi-cloud DevOps solution using Workload identities
- Unique login experience using Azure AD B2C

We can go on and on, but you get the point. There are limitless possibilities when you combine your developer skill and the versatility of Microsoft identity platform. We’re excited to partner with you for the Hackathon and harness your valuable feedback into the platform.

Code on!


What to Build

Build a Web app or Mobile app or Desktop app or Service or an API, leverage one or many Identity feature areas like Managed IdentityVerifiable CredentialsZero Trust for AppsExternal identitiesGraph APIsWorkload identity federationContinuous Access EvaluationMSAL or any feature set under Authentication and Authorization in any framework, language or cloud of your choice.

Feel free to use only these features or blend them with your own APIs or any other API. 

What to Submit

1. Use a public repository or  repo that is accessible to Judges/sponsors.

2.  Provide details on what Tech stack you have used( Language, Framework, Cloud, Other libraries, etc)

3. Provide detailed steps on how to deploy/test or run your application.

4. Video Submissions are required with your submission.. 

5. Please ensure PII data or security information(like credentails, secrets) are stripped from code.

6. Submit the project in Devpost site too, We will announce the winners on July 20.

7. By Submitting the project you agree to Competition's Rules and conditions.

Hackathon Sponsors


$10,000 in prizes

Grand Prize Winner

$3000 USD + Winner's Badge + an hour with Engineering team

Runner Up

$1500 USD + Winner's Badge

Second Runner Up

$1000 USD + Winner's Badge

Honorable Mentions (9)

$500 USD + Winner's Badge for the projects ranked 4th to 12th

Honorable Mentions II (8)

Winner's badge for all projects ranked 13th to 20th.

Microsoft Employee Winners (3)

Winner's badge


Participant badges for the first 200 eligible participants with an eligible prototype submission

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Pamela Dingle

Pamela Dingle
Partner Director of Identity Standards, Microsoft

Danny Strockis

Danny Strockis
Senior PM Manager, Developer Experiences, Identity & Network Access, Microsoft

Ipshita Nag

Ipshita Nag
Principal PM Manager, App & Dev Awareness, Identity & Network Access, Microsoft

Steve Scallen

Steve Scallen
Senior Director, The Garage, Microsoft

Sjoukje Zaal

Sjoukje Zaal
Head of Microsoft Cloud Center of Excellence | Microsoft RD & Azure MVP , Capgemini

Jeremy Thake

Jeremy Thake
Principal PM Manager, M365, Microsoft

Judging Criteria

  • Identity Practices & Usage
    Does the Project demonstrate high quality Microsoft Identity practices? Is the Project using Identity solutions end to end? How many Identity features are used in the Project?
  • Innovation
    Is it a disruption socially, technologically or in any other realm? Is this Project a potential GitHub sample or a showcase for other Developers?
  • Real Market Value
    Does the Project solve a real world issue? Can the Project fill a void with minimal effort?
  • Completion of the prototype
    How complete is the prototype? (%) Note: Non-completion of prototype is not disqualification, they will be considered but will lose out points.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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